About Kool Case…

TDM Solutions have been designing, manufacturing & commissioning specialised Jigs and Fixtures in the automotive and aerospace industries for over 15 years, whilst the owner, Jim Plester started in 1986 at Rover Group, the manufactures of such classics as the Austin Mini, and some that should be forgotten. Jim has also worked in Formula One, and was manufacturing manager (interior trim & bright-ware) at Bentley Motors Cars prior to immigrating to South Africa (but that’s a story for another day).

Jim has 30+ years programming and using CNC machines from 3 axis to Multi-axis.

Over the years our clients have included, Bentley Motor Cars, Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Airbus and Boeing.

The development of a Raspberry Pi 4 passively cooled case started in August 2020, after being requested if we could assist with designing a quiet running Raspberry Pi, that would not “thermal throttle”.

This involved firstly creating a 3D model of the Raspberry Pi 4 board and then designing a case around it. The ability to access the GPIO and the SD card was critical, along with easy of assembly.

The first few prototype cases were produced, and were tested, and gave very promising results, preventing thermal throttling. Further tweaks the design then took place over a period of a few months, along with different finishes and customisations. These included anodised colours and some pop culture references.

So in January 2021 the brand new product line was launched, this includes the Standard case, Premium Raspberry logo case and the Anodised Raspberry logo case. All these cases are fully CNC machined and include the following machining techniques :

  • Surfacing, facing, pocketing, profiling, roughing, drill, tapping, reaming, and chamfering.
  • Waterline machining used on all thin wall sections (1mm or less)
  • Rigid tapped holes.
  • Split line thru HDMI, power and audio ports.
  • Common machine datum used throughout operations to reduce tolerance variations.
  • Fully optimised CNC code using Vericut CNC Verification, Simulation and Optimisation software.
  • Specialised tooling supplied by SECO Tools.

If you would like a custom case or have a specific need, please contact us and we will endeavour to help.